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HotButtonNew OSC overWe know having surgery during this time may cause additional concerns. In order to help address some of that potential worry and help you feel more prepared, we want to let you know what you can expect at the Ohio Surgery Center on the day of surgery. We also believe it is important to inform you of the safety measures we have in place to help keep you, your loved ones, and our staff safe during this time.

What to Expect BEFORE Your Visit

  • Your surgeon will review the goals and risks of your upcoming surgery with you, including other possible treatments and any risks of postponing the surgery. They will also discuss the status of COVID-19 in the community and at the Ohio Surgery Center.
  • We want you to be an active part of your care and the decision-making process. If at any point before, on, or after the day of surgery you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your surgeon’s office or the Ohio Surgery Center.
  • You will be required to have a COVID-19 screening prior to your surgery. Please refer to the information provided by your surgeon’s office for timing, instructions, and location for your screening. The screening results will be sent to your surgeon’s office. (The only patients who do not require a screening are pediatric patients scheduled for ear tube insertion, ear tube removal, or foreign body removal who are under the age of 12 and less than 100 lbs.)
  • Please include details of any symptoms you may currently have in your online medical history.
  • If you develop any symptoms after completion of your history, please contact the Ohio Surgery Center preadmission testing nurses.

What to Expect DURING Your Visit:

  • Information for everyone entering the building:  At the entrance of the building, your temperature will be checked and you will be asked if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 before you can go beyond the entryway of the building. This includes patients, parent/legal guardian, and/or family member/friend for adult patients. All temperatures must be below 101.2º through our temporal scan which is equivalent to an oral temperature of 100.4º. Employees, physicians and vendors are screened in the same manor each day at a different entrance to the building.
  • Masks: For the protection of our patients and our staff, all patients over the age of 2 and family members/friends will be required to wear a mask at all times in the facility. To be respectful of the current PPE shortage, if you have a cloth mask at home please be sure to bring it. If you do not have a mask, we will provide you with a mask.
  • To help with social distancing - Patients under the age of 18:  When you arrive for your surgery, one parent or legal guardian needs to enter the building with the patient. The parent/legal guardian entering the building will need to remain the same during the entire process; we will not be able to switch out which parent/legal guardian is with the patient once the initial process is started on the day of surgery. We also cannot allow additional children who are not a patient in the facility. After the symptoms check, you will proceed to the front desk to get checked in. When check-in is complete, we will have you return to your car. The Pre-op department will call the number provided for the parent/legal guardian when it is time to come to Pre-op and will meet you in the lobby. You will stay with the patient while in Pre-op. When the patient goes to surgery, you will go back to your car in the parking lot. You must remain on the surgery center property at all times. The surgeon will call you when the surgery is completed to give an update on the surgery and you have an opportunity to ask questions. The Recovery staff will call you when the patient is awake and it is time to come back into the building to stay with your child until time for discharge. They will meet you in the lobby to take you to the patient.
  • To help with social distancing - Patients age 18 and up: The adult family member or friend who is your ride home should come into the facility with you to get their temperature and symptoms checked at the same time you do. The adult family/friend will return to the car. You will proceed to the front desk to get checked in. When check-in is complete, we will have you return to the car. The Pre-op department will call you when it is time to come to Pre-op and will meet you in the lobby. Only you, the patient, will come back in the building for Pre-op. The surgeon will call your family/friend when the surgery is completed to update them and give them an opportunity to ask questions. The Recovery staff will call your family/friend when it’s time for them to come in the building to stay with you until discharge. They will meet them in the lobby to take them to you in the recovery area.

What to Consider AFTER Surgery

  • Your immune system may be decreased in the immediate post-operative period.
  • We recommend a 7 day soft isolation during the recovery period for ultimate healing and safety. For the first week after surgery, ideally you should avoid public places.
  • Keep your exposure limited to those you have already been in contact with and try not to introduce new people.
  • We know things come up. If it is necessary for you to go out take extra care to wear a mask, self-distance, and limit exposure time in public places.
  • Please call your surgeon’s office for anything you feel is not normal.
  • Keep in mind a fever could be masked during this time due to prescription or over-the-counter medications that reduce fevers.
  • In addition to our post-operative call the business day after your surgery, we will be contacting you 7 and 14 days after surgery to monitor for any development of COVID-19 symptoms after surgery.

Additional SAFETY Measures and Information

  • We are being active partners in the community by monitoring the amount of PPE and ICU beds available.
  • There are active cases of COVID-19 in Franklin County. We feel they are at safe levels to proceed with surgical procedures at our facility at this time.
  • There are very limited entry points at the Ohio Surgery Center in order to monitor all individuals for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Every person who enters our building has their temperature taken and is asked about symptoms. If an individual’s temperature is elevated or they have symptoms of COVID-19, they will not be allowed entry.
  • Every person entering the building is also required to wear a mask (except patients age 2 and under).
  • Doctors and nurses wear masks and gloves for any bedside procedures. Hand hygiene has been increased to be above even our normal high standards and requirements.
  • Hand sanitizer, tissues and no-touch trash bins are available in all patient care areas.
  • Our Surgery Center has always strictly adhered to or gone above both State and Federal infection control requirements to protect our patients. Because your health and safety remain our primary concern, we want you to know in addition to our normal cleaning and disinfecting processes, we are performing extra cleaning throughout the day of all high-touch surface areas.
  • There are no known COVID-19 positive patients cared for at the Ohio Surgery Center.
  • Staff members or physicians who develop symptoms related to COVID-19 while working are immediately asked to leave. We follow CDC guidelines for returning to work and contact tracing.

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