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What is a vocal cord granuloma?

A vocal cord granuloma is an inflammatory lesion of the vocal cords, usually occurring on the posterior 1/3 of the cord.

How are vocal cord granulomas treated?

Initial treatment consists of trying to eliminate the irritating agent. This includes removal of an endotracheal tube if possible, treatment of reflux disease, and sometimes voice therapy. Microsurgical removal, with or without use of a laser, is reserved for those patients who do not respond to conservative treatment.

What are vocal cord nodules?

Vocal cord nodules, also known as singer’s nodules or screamer’s nodules, are tiny calluses that form on both vocal cords simultaneously, usually 1/3 of the way back from the anterior-most aspect of the vocal cords.

How are vocal cord nodules treated?

Like calluses, nodules will usually resolve by removing the cause. Vocal therapy is indicated to decrease vocal cord friction and irritation. This may consist of self-treatment (see Treatment of Mild Hoarseness), or may benefit from professional speech therapy consultation. Microsurgical removal of the nodules is rarely necessary, but may be considered after failure of maximal attempts at voice therapy.

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